Organizational (Corporate) Usage Rates & Guidelines

Thank you for considering Lotus Bend Sanctuary for your upcoming event! Below are some items of information that you may find useful in deciding whether or not The Sanctuary is the right venue for their gathering or event.   

Because our facility rates vary, by time & day of the week, season, holiday & number of attendees, the ‘basic rate’ scale is listed below. Our ‘basic rates’ are based on peak-time blocks as opposed to by-the-hour; some weekday and special event exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis 

**The cost of use rates listed below are our general guidelines for 2019. Please fill out the Corporate Inquiry Form with the dates and times of your future event, gathering workshop, or other need and we will formalize a contract based on these general rates according to availability.    

Corporate/Non-profit Rates

Rates are assessed on a sliding scale based on the organizations needs and purposes.

Deposit: (50% of first’s day’s fee required to hold date(s)

Refund of Deposit: 

  • 90%: 2-months out from booking date(s)
  • 50%: 1-month out from booking date(s) with commitment to reschedule
  • 25%: 21 days out from booking date(s) with commitment to reschedule
  • 0%: 21 days or less from booking date(s) 

Additional evening rates apply from 6pm -10pm.

Non-profits should submit evidence of non-profit status for tax purposes.


We hope that Lotus Bend has something right for your gathering or event and we look forward to working with you! 

“No mud, no lotus”~