Mayan Astrology Readings with Lena Sofie

Dear Central Texas Community,
Greetings with a lot of love. I am sending out a call all the way from Ibiza, Spain to Austin, to the hearts that feel called to work with me during my visit at the end of this month. I am coming to offer a Mayan Fire Ceremony Workshop, which will be a magical journey into an ancient ceremony that is truly a powerful manner to shift circumstances in your life. I have received this wisdom, that has been passed down from generation to generation, from the Mayans of Guatemala and it has been one of the most profound and beautiful journeys of my life. Now I would like to share this medicine with you and offer you a sacred opportunity to heal and let go of the past and open up the highest potential of your future in a fire ceremony that you will never forget. 
I believe in empowering the community and integrity when holding my ceremonies, so I therefore have planned this 2 evening/2 day workshop in order to prepare you to deeply understand the tradition of the fire ceremony and the Mayan spirits or Nawales that will be called forth into the fire, so that you will have a solid foundation to launch off your prayers, manifestations and visions of your bright and healed future. In this manner, participating in this workshop is the finest gift you can offer your self: an opportunity to shift the story and align yourself with the true light of who you really are and what it is you deserve in this life. Because this ceremony is steeped in ancient wisdom and tradition and comes from the wise elders of ancient time, it truly carries the magical formula for personal alchemy. 
My vision is to come to Lotus Bend once a year and offer this workshop and ceremony. Once you have attended the 4 day workshop and understand what the ceremony is about, you will be invited to the next fire ceremony I offer and you will be able to attend the Fire Ceremony without attending the workshop before hand. Unless you want to do it again of course! In this manner you will have a yearly opportunity to lay down prayers for yourself, your family and your future.
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I am also available for personal sessions when I am in Austin. I am offering Mayan Astrology readings, Mayan cleansing ceremonies, private Mayan fire ceremonies, private yoga therapy sessions as well as Somatic Experiencing (trauma healing) sessions. Mayan astrology readings and Somatic Experiencing can also be done long distance over skype, so if you are interested just let me know. 
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With love,
Lena Sofie