SEVA Service

Seva:  Means service in the Sanskrit Language of India.  Service to others is known to be one of the essential keys to a happy life and harmonious community. 

Many of you who have experienced the magic of Lotus Bend have inquired how you can be a part of the community and help grow and expand our plans and vision. As a response, we have created “Seva Saturdays”, an opportunity to commune with the land, one another and be a part of the Lotus Bend family participating in creating this sanctuary to serve our Austin community.

We have a number of community oriented projects just getting underway and in the planing phases:

  • The Sri Yantra floor mandala
  • ‘Big Buddha’ project
  • Katherine’s Garden – dedicated to Mothers and the Feminine
  • Meditation trail- prayer hut meditation ridge for quiet contemplation
  • Sweat Lodge – Reorientation of the sweat lodge
  • The Labyrinth- meditation circle
  • Painting, maintenance & general service
  • and many more…

We will start with a brief sitting meditation, work on some of these fun projects, then share discussion and some food together.

Check our calendar to learn when the next Seva opportunity is scheduled:

If you have an interest in helping please contact: