Thank you for considering Lotus Bend Sanctuary for your upcoming event! Below are some items of information that you may find useful in decicin whether or not The Sanctuary is the right venue for their gathering or event. (The Sanctuary is managed by The Shift Foundation, a non-profit organization.)

**The cost of use rates listed below are our general guidelines for 2021. We have a variety of facilitators and gathering types with a wide variety of needs. Please contact us with the dates and times of your future event, gathering workshop, or other need and we will formalize a contract based on these general rates according to availability. 


Because our facility rates vary, by time & day of the week, season, holiday & number of attendees, the ‘basic rate’ scale is listed below. Our ‘basic rates’ are based on peak-time blocks as opposed to by-the-hour; some weekday and special event exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis with our TSF partners, based on availability of the space. Weekends are not considered for this exception. (*All public gatherings and workshops must be assisted by an available “househost” connected to The Shift Foundation, and compensated by a separate agreement.) 

The events calendar may not be fully update or reflect facilitator availability. We  are working to streamline its updates. 

These are single per-day/per time block rates.

Booking rates are negotiated according to spaces required, holidays or special event, week or weekend, time of day, seasonally, hours requested, services required, etc…


A daytime rate is from 8am-5pm*. A night rate is from 6-10pm. (There is a one hour grace period gap for an exchange of groups that may occur on some occasions.) If you are past the grace period and another group is booked for the space additional charges will be added.

  • If your daytime event runs past 6pm, we will need to charge an hourly rate of $45/hour up to 2 hours (e.g. 8am-6:45pm including cleanup); beyond 2 hours you will be charged for the Full Night Slot as well (e.g. 8am – 8:30pm). 

Please try to book your event out several months in advance. We usually have inquiries for booking 3-5 months ahead of your event. If a space opens up on short notice we will do or best to work with you to get you in. The Sanctuary is also closed periodically when no core facilitators are available.               

The Shift Foundation accepts checks payable to “The Shift Foundation”, cash, Paypal payments, and credit cards as payment for the usage of the space.

The schedule is as follows:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $200* upon contract signing to book the date is required.
  • 50% of the anticipated usage rate is required to hold the date before 6 weeks prior to event
  • 75% of the usage rate must be paid before 3 weeks prior to the event. 
  • with the remaining 25% being paid at the close of your event. 

Your payments will be processed when received.  (*The deposit is considered forfeit if 50% of the usage rate has not been paid 6 weeks prior to the event.) 

a) Facilitator Cancellation: In the case a facilitator cancels an event, the cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • Up to three weeks before the event: TSF will refund 75% of the rate. 
  • From three weeks to one week before the event: TSF will refund 50% of the rate. 
  • From one week to 24 hours before the event: TSF will refund 25% of rate. 
  • Within 24 hours of the event: No Refund will be given.

b) Weather. In case LBS must cancel an event on account of area weather prior to the event or other dangerous conditions during an event, TSF agrees to waive all paid usage fees for that day or the event, accordingly, (except for a $50 administration fee, which is non-refundable). This will be done with as much time notice as possible.  

For our TSF Partners (SEVA volunteers, contributors & certain engaged Sanctuary affiliates) we offer some discounted rates of the spaces for your workshops, regular gatherings, healing practices, etc. Talk to our coordinator about the nature of your event.


 We occasionally host or a facilitator will ask to host, an “open house”, a network social of various communities, in order to help promote their offerings, offerings of others and to help promote Lotus Bend Sanctuary. If you would like to help coordinate an “openhouse”, we will promote it and make the grounds, chairs and a TSF househost available, on an open date. The key facilitators will need to provide food, drink and other supplies (napkins, plates, cups, etc); and also need to promote the open house themselves to draw from their communities. If you wish to sell and market items or services on the grounds, we do ask for a percentage donation for TSF. 


Please send a short description of your public event to email address: a photo or promo image for posting on the website event pages and the calendar list. Remember to include start and end times, cost, contact information, and what to bring. These promotions to your event are currently a free service included with the administration fee (this service will remain free for all Lotus Bend-Shift Foundation partners & volunteers).

Lotus Bend Sanctuary sends out a newsletter approx every 30 days. We also keep individual events posted on our Facebook public page. 

We hope that Lotus Bend has something right for your gathering or event and we look forward to working with you! 

“No mud, no lotus”~