We do our best to oversee Lotus Bend and to help The Sanctuary & Development Center grow!

Alfonso Carlon

Proprietor & Co-FOunder

Alfonso bought and cared for the property at Robin Road for many years before it was transformed into Lotus Bend. It has always been his intention to further develop community in this space. Alfonso has recently stepped up his role in the development of the natural beauty that is The Sanctuary. 


Russ Ohlhausen

Co-Founder & Visoneer

Russ is a co-founder & visionary guide for Lotus Bend. He has helped steward the property & purpose upon the land. Russ has pointed the way for much of what has been created at The Sanctuary. He co-created The Shift, the non-profit which established the volunteer efforts and facilitated the space to assist others in incubating their work. He also creates programs & teaches his own body of conscious-raising work, in science, math and spiritual convergence.

Shannon Gill

Director of Programing

Shannon has been a driving force behind growing the community at Lotus Bend. With her connections and myriad of people skills she has helped create the events, ceremonies, workshops, dances and much more, which has brought life to the space. As well as bringing her own teachings to the space, she has created and directed many of the offerings & facilitations at Lotus Bend. You can find her counselings and offerings at Shannon Lei Gill


Stacy Sanchez


Stacy Wathen Sanchez played a crucial role in seeding the The Sanctuary. She aided the development of the structure of the business end. Stacy also loved to shape the outdoors at the space and spent many hours landscaping & engaging the wildlife. ‘Stacy pond’ has been created to honor her memory. Her presence is always felt & she will be missed.