Lotus Bend is a 7- acre oasis just 20 minutes south of the center of Austin, Texas that provides a restorative environment that supports the spirit, mind and body by providing recreational programs, curative workshops, and a place to reconnect to nature’s gifts.

What we are....

Lotus Bend is… a place for practitioners, friends, and family to gather whose belief is that as we expand the heart, mind and spirit, we unlock our inner potential which opens the door to creating beauty, fostering change, and supporting peaceful and mutual coexistence.

Lotus Bend is… a sanctuary, a sacred place, a place of safety for discovery, reconnection, recreation and reaching out through inward reflection, meditation, ritual, rest, play, reconciliation and communion.

Lotus Bend is… a wish, a promise to plant the seeds of awareness, wisdom, stewardship, and action to create a more inclusive, just and compassionate society for all.

The lotus flower, our emblem… reminds us that we emerge from the primordial clay through the waters of experience and blossom into the bright sunshine of enlightenment, rising high above …but for a brief period.

“No Mud, No Lotus”