Thank you for considering Lotus Bend Retreat & Development Center  for your upcoming event. The following information can help you decide if the Center is the right venue for your gathering.

We are currently offering special rates October 2021 through June of 2022! 

Please submit a Booking Inquiry Form to confirm availability for the date and time of your event. Thank you.


BLOCK ONE – $250
START/SET UP: 8:00 am
END/CLEAN UP: 12:00 pm


BLOCK TWO – $250
START/SET UP: 1:00 pm 
END/CLEAN UP: 5:00 pm


START/SET UP: 6:00 pm

There are one hour grace periods between blocks for group transitions. We fully expect you to honor your time commitment, to be on time, and to factor setup and clean up time into your event schedule to respect those using the space before and after you. If your event runs overtime, it may be interrupted.

We encourage you to book your event at least THREE MONTHS in advance, though we occasionally have short-notice availability.

Lotus Bend Sanctuary accepts checks, cash, Paypal, Venmo, and credit cards.

  • A deposit of 25% of the total estimated usage fee for your event is required at the time of booking to secure and hold the date.
  • This deposit is a non-refundable fee if you cancel the booking within one month before your event.
  • OR this deposit goes towards a damage fee should any part of the LBRDC facilities sustain damage during your event.
  • OR this deposit goes towards your total fee after your event.
  • An additional 40% of the total usage fee for your event is required two weeks prior to the date.
  • The remaining 35% of the total usage fee for your event is required on the first day of your event.

The 25% deposit used to hold the date for your event at the time of booking serves as the cancellation fee should you cancel the booking within one month of your event.

Lotus Bend Sanctuary wishes to establish long term affiliations and partnerships that support the mind-body-spirit connection, as well as your business or organization. Perhaps you’d like to teach weekly yoga classes, host a monthly meditation, teach students about sustainable gardening, or support your employees with regular team-building activities. These long term relationships are intended to align our common interests and goals while creating a financially sustainable foundation for teachers, facilitators, and the Center itself. If establishing such an affiliation or partnership is of interest to you, email Alfonso Carlon at

For our Lotus Bend Sanctuary Partners (long term affiliates & partners, SEVA volunteers,  and contributors) we offer special rates. Contact us to learn more:

Lotus Bend Sanctuary is available to host service-oriented Open Houses or Networking gatherings for your community. If you would like to host yours at Lotus Bend Sanctuary, we will help promote it along with you. 

Please provide the following to Lotus Bend Sanctuary 1-2 months before your event so we can help promote it: 

  •  a short description of your event emailed to or
  •  a photo or promo image for posting on our social media pages 

Remember to include your start and end times, cost, contact information, and what to bring.

Lotus Bend Sanctuary posts events to our  Facebook page and lists events on our website calendar. 

We look forward to collaborating with you to create an amazing event.