The antidote to our high tech stress

Meditate in Nature

The tension and stress generated by today’s high tech existence is palatable. Just try standing in line with your elder parent at a grocery store to feel it. While they dig out the correct cash and change from their wallet to pay, the people behind you in the line immediately get fidgety and impatient. You might hear impatient sighs, and some people may even change lines, feeling too put out to wait.

We live in a world where social conditioning is inescapable. You can’t even pump gas without being subjected to it…that annoying mini screen TV on the gasoline pump! And everywhere you go, there are screens flashing with news and ads. Heck, we carry it all in the palm of our hands, literally, contained in our “cell phones.”

With everything pretty much at our fingertips these days, our brains are systematically being programmed to crave instant gratification and constant stimulation. If we can’t get what we want when we want it, frustration sets in. We get irritated and unhappy. We feel like we’re wasting time.

But WAIT, isn’t all this technology supposed to create MORE time for us? LESS stress and frustration? Why is everyone in such a dang hurry or feeling so impatient? The answer is simple: our sympathetic nervous system (the one that bolts us into action) is constantly being stimulated, keeping it in a state of overdrive and leaving our parasympathetic nervous system (the one that calms us down) in underdrive. In a nutshell, our central nervous systems (CNS) are being programmed to stay way out of balance.

Essentially, our brains and bodies are forgetting how to relax because WE are forgetting how to relax. We are RAPIDLY losing touch with the frequencies of our true nature, which are much more soothing than the man made stimuli we are subjected to all day, every day. What ARE the frequencies of our true nature, you ask? They are the frequencies OF nature…you know—air, fire, water, earth, and aether—the five elements of existence that generate the sights and sounds of the natural world: the feel of the wind or the sun on our skin, the sounds of a waterfall or birds, the colors of flowers dotting a field of wild grass, or the green leaves of oak tree branches stretching into a backdrop of clear blue sky.

We, too, are NATURE, not separate from it. The frequencies of nature are OUR frequencies too, the ones we are made of, the substance of our bodies. When we attune to these frequencies of our nature, it calms and soothes our CNS. We begin to relax, our mind quiets down, and our muscles release. We can breathe more deeply.

Taking time to unplug and rebalance our CNS is essential to our capacity to relate with the world around us with compassion and kindness instead of stressed out, tech-swamped reactions. That makes for a much better time for us all no matter what we’re doing. If I was captain of this earth ship, I’d say, “Make it so.”

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