Welcome to the year 2022

Like me, you may be wondering what’s in store for us in 2022. Will we finally break free of covid pandemic concerns? Can we return to our normal lives again? Can we enjoy ourselves without worry? Most of us are asking questions like these, so I took a peek into what those in the know are saying…

According to psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, 2022 brings us “an opportunity for reevaluation, repair, and rapid expansion.” Okay, that sounds pretty good…but it may also involve some pretty intense change.

Astrologers The AstroTwins say “as old systems break down, space for new ones will emerge. And as the new year begins, we’re in the thick of that in-between place, stumbling around in a state of cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance is basically when we feel confused about what to do because our thoughts, feelings, and/or beliefs are in conflict inside. I’d say this fits in rather well with “reevaluation, repair, and rapid expansion.” It’s often true that inner tension fosters outer change.

Vedic Astrologer Katy Jane, PhD, says that “after two years of a pandemic, we’ve come to the well parched. Now we have to assert even more effort to become un-parched. Pump after pump, we’re expecting refreshment of a certain kind only to get something else upon the return home. That something else is this: the knowledge that our thoughts create reality. In times past, we may have casually considered this notion…But in 2022, the reality-creating power of thought begins to affect all aspects of our lives. We wanted water, and we unleashed the power of the Mind instead.”

Oh boy, does this resonate! I’ve been feeling it for a while now…that it’s important to bring an even higher level of awareness to our language and speaking as a way of creating a different reality. For example, people are quick these days to say “They are…” or “It’s their fault that…” or “They are the problem.” I say let’s be mindful of words like “they” or “them” when exploring divergent ideas and quit pointing fingers because such words and actions feed “us-versus-them” divisive energies when in the highest reality, there is no “us” or “them.” There’s just a “we,” a human race trying to survive and thrive.

There’s a lot to be said about the potentials of the year 2022, but this is what came through for me: 

Humanity and our existence here is in a big transition. We’re having a reset. You’ve probably heard inklings of this from others. I’m not the only one to speak of it because everybody’s talking about it, everybody’s feeling it, right? There’s this reset that’s like somebody’s hitting the reset button for humanity and some parts of that feel a little scary and we’re freaking out a little bit because we’re not sure or clear what’s next for us.

But what does seem to be coming through very clearly for most of us is that what we’ve been clinging to is no longer helping move us forward in the ways that we are ready to move forward. It’s no longer helping us evolve in the ways that we are ready to evolve on a soul level. So the message that’s coming through is just…well, it’s really two pieces: don’t be afraid and just be you. Just be you, because when we step into our sovereignty and our personal power, that’s when we can access the soul path, our dharma, and do what we love and what serves to the highest degree in this world.

So as we enter into this 2022 new year, these are just some thoughts to ponder for yourself. Who are you truly? And how would you like to serve while you’re here? 

As always, we wish for you a blessed day and a blessed week. 

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