Some of our Needs:


Volunteers for The Shift Foundation are doing all that we can to build a wonderful network around Lotus Bend Sanctuary. It is such a wonderful place and has a unique mission. We are really are dedicated to expanding our community, getting others involved, keeping people informed and creating a wonderful place to gather.

Some people needs:

  • Tech person: some website, database, social media assistance

  • Practitioners: for ongoing meditations, ceremonies, etc

  • Grounds: regular upkeep of facilities, volunteers where needed

  • Advisory council for re-initaition of the¬†multicultural sweat lodge


Some material needs:

  • Candles & Incense-for the regular and daily offerings

  • Project need: cement and concrete (for the Buddha & Kalacakra)

  • Project need: paint (sri yantra, flower of life, etc)

  • Stone for new multicultural sweat lodge

We have a number of ongoing projects and reconstruction needs that we are covering the costs for and we know that a lot of you have asked for ways to contribute! So let us know!