Ecstatic Dance UNITY Tour!

Ecstatic Dance UNITY Tour Bus!

The week of June 23th we hosted 28 spirited dancers from the lower 48 states, Hawaii and abroad, traveling from the West coast to the East coast and back! The “Unity Tour” is an art and service project bus made up of dancers, DJs, organizers, and facilitators traveling the country from July 16th to August 14th, spreading the word about the Ecstatic Dance movement and how movement & dance are a basic human need for transformation.

Dance not only serves to connect us with ourselves and each other, it also promotes heath, vitality, and our growth as conscious embodied beings. Essentially…Dance is medicine for healing the planet!

The ED National Group spent a few days and based out of Lotus Bend with their staff and documentary film maker for their short visit. Lotus Bend Sanctuary will be featured in their upcoming documentary on the Ecstatic Dance Movement.

Our key facilitator, Shannon Gill, founded the Boulder, CO branch, Rhythm Sanctuary in 2005 and has been a part of the ED community ever since, bringing together practitioners and healers from a wide range of the creative community. We at Lotus Bend & The Shift are passionate about weaving dance experiences into many of our offerings.

Check out a little snippet of their Austin visit here:




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